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Whether you are a new or existing patient, you are reading this page because your dental health matters to you. So why should you choose our team to provide your dental care?

Our patients frequently comment upon the personal care and service, the laughter they hear around them, and the friendly happy environment at Heathwood Dental Practice. 

We understand that maintaining dental health has to take into account many factors, starting with your personal wishes. Once we have carried out a thorough and comprehensive examination of your mouth, we can discuss what, if anything, needs to be done. We can then guide you through the possible approaches, giving you as much, or as little information as you wish. This helps you to understand and choose your treatment approach, resulting in a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

You are welcome to choose which of our clinicians you wish to register with, knowing that that same person whom you get to know, and who knows and understands you, will see you each time you return.


Dental health is critical to everyday life; healthy teeth allow us to eat, drink, smile, talk and interact comfortably and confidently. At Heathwood Dental Practice, we understand your dental needs, and work with you to help maintain and restore dental health. We understand that people’s teeth change throughout their lives, and that requirements are very individual. 

At your first visit, we take the time to get to know you, whether you have any immediate concerns, your level of dental health, and what your long term outlook to it is. In addition to examining the teeth, we carry out a soft tissue screen to check all the oral tissues are healthy, and exclude problems such as oral cancer. The information we gather is usually augmented by x-rays, and we may take photos, so that when we discuss your oral health with you, we can help you make informed decisions.

If you need treatment, we will explain the various options, so that we develop a treatment plan together, that takes account of your wishes and treatment needs. We will print a plan for you, listing all the stages and fees. 

We operate a ‘pay as you go’ policy, so you only pay for treatment when it is carried out, and have a payment plan scheme for spreading the cost of treatment over 3-10 months. For dentally fit patients, we also offer our bespoke in house Heathwood Primecare plan, which for a simple monthly payment, covers most routine treatments, such as examinations, hygiene visits and restorative work; please see here for more details.

Our team have constant ongoing training, so that we all keep abreast of the the latest dental advancements, and best practices. Our team are all well experienced, and work together seamlessly to ensure smooth and straightforward treatment for you. We use the finest materials, up to date technology and equipment, and super comfortable dental chairs! 

Our practice is kept beautifully clean and welcoming, with a range of reading materials in the waiting room, refreshed every month. The reception team is always on hand to welcome you on arrival, and answer any questions you may have. Our policies and pricing are transparent. 

We follow the most rigorous cross-infection control procedures in the surgeries, and many items are disposed of after single use. As part of this, we request that patients contact us to reschedule any appointments if they have had a cold sore for less than two weeks, to ensure that they don’t attend during the contagious period. 


At Heathwood Dental Practice we understand that patients can be apprehensive about dental treatment for a variety of reasons. These often range from a previous experience, to fear of the unknown and a feeling of a "lack of control" .

Please let us know if you are worried about visiting the practice, and we will endeavour to talk through your concerns. Together we will put together a bespoke treatment plan that suits you, and progresses at a pace with which you are comfortable.

Our entire team are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with nervous patients regularly. In addition, we are able to provide conscious sedation services for those patients who prefer to undergo treatment without anxiety. Sedation removes the feelings of fear, yet as the name suggests, you remain conscious, and able to respond to the dentist. At the end of the procedure, you recover and retain no memories of the treatment.


As all of our dentists have families, we particularly understand the importance of providing treatment to our younger patients. We take a preventative approach to try and reduce the chance of dental problems later in life, using a number of techniques:

1) Dietary advice - to help avoid damaging foodstuffs.

2) Oral hygiene - teaching good habits early!

3) Preventative treatments such as fluoride varnish applications at each checkup, or fissure sealants.

4) Orthodontics - misaligned teeth are often harder to maintain. We can provide referrals to local centres of excellence in orthodontics when required. 

Between us, our team will ensure that their first experiences of dentistry are positive, so that they grow into confident well informed adult patients. Treatment for patients younger than 19, and in full time education can be provided under the NHS.


Dental emergencies always seem to occur at the least convenient moment! We appreciate that something coming loose in the mouth can be quite scary and unexpected. That’s why we always endeavour to see you the same day should something go awry: 

  • A chipped or broken tooth.
  • Lost or mobile filling.
  • Toothache.
  • A swelling on the gum or abscess.
  • A crown that has come out or is loose.
  • Dental trauma or avulsed (knocked out) tooth.

Avulsed Tooth (Knocked Out Tooth)

It is essential to see a dentist, preferably within the first hour of the accident, should a tooth be knocked out of the mouth, as the tissues, nerves, and blood vessels become damaged almost immediately. If the tooth can be placed back into its socket within the hour, there is a chance the tissues will grow to support it again.

Call us to let us know you’re on your way. Handle the tooth by the crown (the biting part) only, if possible, being careful not to touch the root.  If the tooth is dirty, rinse it briefly under cold running water, and if possible, place it back in its socket; if that is difficult, store it in milk (not water), or as a last resort, tuck it into the cheek pouch. It’s important to keep the tooth from drying out as you get to the dentist.  The dentist will try to replace the tooth in its natural socket.  It may reattach, or you may need a root canal if the inner mechanisms of the teeth are seriously damaged.

If you have a dental problem please give our reception team a call to arrange an appointment. Should you be unfortunate enough to have a tooth knocked out, have swelling or pain, or something mobile, it is particularly important to be seen as soon as possible.

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