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Heathwood Primecare is an easy way to spread the cost of your routine treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills. This plan will cover your regular check-ups and hygiene visits with your dental team, as well as any restorative treatment you may need. 

It also includes assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme – a scheme set up to offer discretionary support and assistance to dental plan patients who request treatment following a dental trauma and/or dental emergency or diagnosis of Oral Cancer.

If you would like to join the scheme, your dentist will assess your mouth. Any outstanding treatment necessary, will need completing prior to becoming eligible for the scheme. Once you are dentally fit, your dentist can advise you of the monthly cost of the scheme, which is assessed based upon your dental history and risk of needing future treatment. This will be collected monthly by direct debit. As a member of Heathwood Primecare, the scheme give the following benefits:

  • All your routine dental examinations and hygiene appointments throughout the year.
  • Preventive oral health advice, to help stop dental problems before they start.
  • All restorative work (*subject to the exclusions below) carried out within the practice by your regular dentist, so no unexpected financial surprises.
  • Dental emergency appointments.
  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme.


  • Treatment carried out by visiting professionals (e.g. visiting specialists) or carried out when referred to another practice or specialist.
  • IV Sedation.
  • Unnecessary elective treatment (e.g. non clinically necessary hygiene visits, replacement of restorations for the purposes of appearance etc.)
  • Aesthetic work (e.g. tooth whitening, smile improvement).
  • Dental Implants.
  • Invisalign and orthodontics.
  • All laboratory fees incurred during any treatment (e.g. you may have a clinically necessary crown done within the scheme, but will still need to pay the laboratory bill).

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Home    /    Fees    /    Heathwood Primecare

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