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If you want to reduce the lines on your face without having to resort to surgical procedures, the good news is that facial rejuvenation techniques can soften wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Facial lines occur because the facial muscles contract, causing creases. Over time, these creases become indented into the tissues, as they always occur in the same places. Vishal uses botulinum toxin type A, which he injects via a fine needle into the skin; this relaxes tiny facial muscles in the area, leaving the skin looking smoother. If repeated over a couple of years, these muscles become thinner through not being used. Thus, the indented creases also lessen, producing an overall smoother skin appearance.

Dentists are highly trained specifically in the anatomy of the head and neck. Thus, Vishal Kumar has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy and can perform this delicate work in a precise manner. Areas on the face that can be treated include frown lines (vertical lines that form between the eyebrows), smile lines around the eyes, and forehead lines.

The botulinum injection is quick, and because Vishal uses a specific saline dilutant and a very fine needle patients frequently compliment him on their comfort during the procedure.

Results will usually be seen in a few days, sometimes taking between four to seven days for the effects to be seen. The effects can last for three to four months, depending on your individual response to this treatment.

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